Creative Media’s memorable password generator

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Passwords are a nightmare! You seem to need a new password every time you try to do anything new online. No wonder people make one of the following mistakes

Criminals are trying to directly steal your money or other things of value, or use your identity for illegal activities, which you’ll get into trouble for!

The password generator

The Creative Media password generator helps by creating a fairly secure password, but more memorable than a random sequence of characters, because it has three pronounceable syllables followed by a number. The crazy colours are there to help you remember the passwords by providing colour-associations as well as the pronounciation and the letters/numbers themselves to stick in your memory.

Some suggested passwords:

These are randomly created ever time the page is shown, so no one else will see them unless they’re looking over your shoulder! Feel free to alter them, add/remove/change the ‘separator’ character, change the number, case, number of syllables, etc. Just keep your passwords secure. Refresh the page (try ctrl-R, command-R or F5, depending on which browser you’re using) for more passwords.

Puerile password seekers: enough refreshes, will eventually generate a phrase containing “sex”, “bum”, etc…







… or go super-secure with the four-syllable versions






The password generator is one of many, many Creative Media ideas.