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The Artist’s Way

Julia Cameron’s 1993 book “The Artists Way” was written in 1993 and is a course of tasks, exercises and personal “contracts” intended to help people discover or recover their creative talents and dispel the inner negative attitudes that are stopping them.

It has helped people in many fields of creativity, and even helped some to discover talents they didn’t know they had. Other participants have found the Way “creepy”, dogmatic and cultish.

In these days we are surrounded by creative equipment (in the West at least), technical tools that allow anyone to achieve fantastic results, and near-infinite free supplies of creative material available through every computer, tablet and phone. Good news, maybe, but it means a lot of competition if you want an audience, let alone any payment for your hard work.

I’m a musician, writer, doodler and worker in and around the creative industry and education but have recently felt that I’m not really going anywhere. A friend suggested trying Julia’s book, so I’m taking a slightly cynical approach (maybe with some others) and will adapt this into a bit of a review.

What do you have to do?


There is a set of statements about creativity which you are expected to revisit at times. You are also expected to “check in” each week and think about how you feel abut the Way and the week’s tasks.

Daily task:

“Morning papers” - Write 3 pages (around 750 words) of “stream of consciousness” every morning. This is not intended to be read by anyone, but to allow you to break down your own barriers to creativity.

Weekly task:

The “artist’s date” - Take your “inner artist” out for a treat to a gallery or music event, buy (and use!) some craft materials, etc. Frivolous is good! This “artist’s date” isn’t for you - it’s like medicine or healthy food that’s good for a part of you that you’re neglecting.

Week 1 - Safety

Week 2 - Identity

Read the basic principals.

Week 3 - Power

Finding out what we’re angry about.


Week 4 - Integrity

Being honest to ourselves about what we’re doing and why, and how we feel. This week, try a “media fast” - avoid TV/radio/books/newspapers/internet and allow yourself some inner silence. What do you do instead? If you can’t do it, how does it feel - write about it.


Week 5 - Possibility


Week 6 - Abundance


Week 7 - Connection

Reviewing “The Artist’s Way” as a whole:

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