Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White
Pictures by Paddy Uglow and Amanda Headley-White

Creative Media - web, print, video, audio and photography, with a minimum of fuss.

Photography at events.

Some examples of work by Creative Media

Paddy Uglow is obsessed with communication. He started Creative Media in the early 90s to realise this obsession. Since then he has been working creatively for individuals, charities and small organisations, designing for print and web, coming up with great ideas, filming, photographing, creating and amplifying sound and writing good copy.

In parallel to his freelance work, he has worked in further and higher education, theatre, youth work, local government, community projects and the film/media industry, gaining experience in the way people interact with information and media.

Paddy’s love of efficiency mean that the environment, the local economy and trade justice are as important to him as timeliness, good use of resources, and simple, effective design.

Spend some time here reading about Creative Media, then get in touch if you have some ideas that you’d like to turn into reality.

Free boredom-busting tools, tips and media from Creative Media:

Seasonal Giving Calendar

An advent calendar where you do the giving! More info here (Video).

Christmas songs and carols booklet

A neat and tidy printable centre-stapled xmas booklet containing the words for 38 seasonal songs and carols. Perfect for sing-alongs, choirs, concerts…

Year Finder

Find out the year when all you know are the day, month and day of the month. When will your birthday next be on a Saturday? This tool can tell you!

Quote Smartener

HTML coders: Fed up with typing “’” for every apostrophe? Quote Smartener turn quotes in HTML code into proper typographers’ quotes.

Whistle It!

Free penny whistle fingering charts for popular tunes.

What is an ethical business?

Creative Media claims to be an ethical business. What is an ethical media company?

Duplicates Remover

Free tool for removing duplicates from lists.

Bookmarklets Generator

Carry out complex repetitive browser tasks in a single click and save yourself a ton of time.

Free SEO advice

Search Engine Optimisation is touted as a mysterious (and expensive) must-have for your web site. What is SEO and link-building, and can you do it yourself?

World map image

Planning world domination? Or a children’s workshop? This quick-to-download huge world map line drawing can be printed over many sheets of paper to make a huge world map.

Reframes reclaimed woodwork

Creative Media is not only digital! Picture framing and other bespoke woodworking projects using reclaimed materials in aid of charity.

Pronounceable Password Generator

Security in glorious technicolour! Helps you create a secure-yet-memorable password.

Surreal Safari

A fun web application that generates fantastical animal names and hand-drawn pictures. Stretch your imagination!

Royalty-free sounds & music

Available on a donation basis - give what you can afford!

Email chats organiser

A free tool for semi-automating email mailouts. I use this for organising chats between pairs of people:
“Randomised Coffee Trials”

Random Reviews

An eclectic collection of hands-on reviews.

Sound Controller

A free customisable sound sample manipulator for musicians or for fun. Instructions for how to make your own. (The demo features Donald Trump!)

Face recognition test

Many people don’t know they have a condition called “face blindness” making it hard for them to recognise people and causing social difficulties. Try this free test and learn more.

How “cat” are you?

Fun customised quizzes for use on social media, with or without adverts. I could create one for you! Contact me to find out more.

Free Online Teleprompter

Versatile browser-based editable auto-cue / teleprompter. Even works with images!

What’s your Eddie Stobart name?

Eddie Stobart’s trucks are famous for their name plates. Discover your truck name!

HTML Special Characters list

Find out how to avoid weird characters appearing in your HTML code. Write Café and rôta properly. Write in cyrillic script, display fractions, or even put skulls or snowmen in your text!

Online cognitive behaviour modification (CBM) tool

Do you always expect the worst? This tool may help you train your brain to be more positive and optimistic!

Need a useful tool written? Try Creative Media!

Creative Media is based in Bishopston, Bristol, UK. Contact Paddy via email: